MAM Ticket Packages

Save up to 50% off the RRP*. Each package includes 2 adult entry tickets, plus one MAM product.
*Based on the RRP for the MAM product and the on-the-door ticket price

MAM Ticket Packages Baby To Toddler
Electric Steriliser & Express Bottle Warmer

6 in 1 device for microwave sterilising, electric sterilising, express bottle warming, gentle bottle warming, defrost & food warming and keep warm function. Includes 1x electric steriliser, 1x express warmer, 2x 160ml Easy Start Anti Colic bottle, 2 x Start 0-2M soothers, 1x teat tongs

MAM Breastfeeding And Sterilising Set In Green And White

Includes; 1 x manual breast pump, 1 x microwave steam steriliser, 2 x 160 anti-colic baby bottles, 2 x 260ml, anti-colic baby bottles, 1 x soft bottle & teat brush, 2 x medium flow teats, 2 x fast flow teats, 1 x teat tongs, 2 x soothers. In green and white.

Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set Large

Includes twelve bottles of three different sizes (6 x 260 ml, 3 x 160 ml, and 3 x 130 ml) complete with spout and handles. As well as sealing discs and a MAM soother. Large – in green.

Baby To Toddler Weaning Bundle

Includes; 1 x Fun to Drink cup (270ml) in yellow, 5 x food storage solution pots, 1 x baby’s cutlery 3pk in green , 1 x baby’s bowl & plate in green. 

270ml Baby Bottle Set
Includes 3 x bottles of MAM’s medium flow silky soft silicone teats, making drinking from the bottle easy. In green.